PeepWin Ver.1.01 / Programmed by Salt

About PeepWin
PeepWin is a plug-in for Google Desktop Sidebar
that displays a scaled-down view of the window you selected
even if it is hidden by other windows.

How to install
First, please uninstall old version of PeepWin, if you used it.
And then run PeepWin101_2.msi or type "msiexec /x PeepWin101_2.msi".

I think you need to save "PeepWin101_2.msi" into HDD or any other storage once.
And the file name should be "PeepWin101_2.msi".

How to uninstall
Uninstall from controll panel or type "msiexec /x PeepWin100_2.msi".
And please confirm the C:/Program Files/Salt/PeepWin/ folder is deleted.

How to use
- Select the window by dragging the bulls eye icon.
- You can select the child window while [Shift]key is pressed.
- You can also select the layered window while [Ctrl]key is pressed.

- If you select the window which has the DirectX surface like "Windows Media Player",
  the contents will be drawn on the top of the screen.
- If you select the window which uses GDI+ APIs like "Microsoft PowerPoint", "SharpReader",
  the contents will be drawn on the top left corner of the screen.
- I think these are limitation of API (PrintWindow()).

- PeepWin101_2.msi
  - Changed the installer.(Deleted strict checker after "regsvr32 PeepWin.dll".)
  - Contents are same as Ver.1.01.

- Ver.1.01 / Aug.10, 2006 / PeepWin101.msi
  - Added about dialog. (without using the plugin helper.)
  - Fixed that the text on the option dialog was truncated
    by changing font and dialog language to US.
  - Changed that the layered window was not able to be selected. 
  - Fixed that the option parameter was not able to be saved correctly.
  - Changed the bulls eye icon.

- Ver.1.00 / Aug 6, 2006 / PeepWin100.msi
  - I programmed this tentatively to entry Google Desktop Gadget Contest.


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